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Can CBD OIL HELP Asthma?

According to the Global Asthma Report of 2018, Asthma affects 339 million people worldwide, and there is currently no cure. Although there are some simple treatments that can alleviate the symptoms of asthma and diminish the impact asthma has on everyday life, we are exploring whether CBD oil is one of these treatments.

Asthma is a chronic, noncommunicable disease that causes swelling of the bronchial tubes that carry air in and out of the lungs. A common side effect of asthma is high levels of anxiety as when struggling to breathe, anxiety levels rise, which, in turn makes it harder to breathe... and so on and so on.
One of the most common treatments methods for asthma are inhalers. While these are very effective, they also contain adrenergic stimulants that mimic the effects of adrenaline on the body, which heighten anxiety levels so, if you already experience high anxiety levels, it can make the problem worse. Fortunately, CBD oil has been proven to help manage symptoms of anxiety as well as many other conditions, and wouldn't it be nice to have an alternative, all-natural treatment option available? Have a read through and see why our Green Queen CBD oil can help...

Benefits Of Cbd Regarding Asthma

CBD's effect on the symptoms of asthma is due to our endocannabinoid system see our `all about CBD' article.
CBD has been proven to have bronchodilatory and anti-inflammatory effects, and as this allows for an increase of oxygen to the airways, this can be used to relieve the symptoms of asthma. CBD also has an ability to manage pain so taking external doses can alleviate chest pain too. CBD also has antibacterial properties and that can help treat and prevent the infections that initially trigger asthma.

Cbd Acts As A Bronchodilator

During an asthma attack, the bronchioles in the lungs start to constrict and cause narrowing of the passageways, reducing the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream. CBD has bronchodilatory effects which means it helps widen the airways to enable a steady flow of air to pass through.

Cbd Can Reduces Inflammation

Another problem associated with asthma is huge inflammation of the bronchial tubes. This is made worse during an asthma attack when the airways start to close which restricts the flow of air to the lungs. The level of inflammation varies from every person and often determines how severely asthmatic someone is.
Research has shown that CBD has notable anti-inflammatory properties that can help alleviate these symptoms through our endocannabinoid system. The ECS has receptors in the lung tissue which means that having an external dosage of CBD can directly alleviate the severity of inflammation and muscular contractions a person can experience making it easier to breathe.

Cbd As A Pain Reliever

As well as causing obstruction of the airways and reduced airflow, asthmatics can also experience chest pain during an asthma attack. Luckily, CBD is a proven pain reliever. CBD has a lot of research behind it in support for its pain reliving properties, so its effectiveness is well documented in this area.


Muscle spasms on the muscles in the airways are another problem for asthmatics. Fortunately, CBD can help here too! CBD has been hailed by people with Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease as a miracle cure due its remarkable ability to prevent muscle spasms. The same principle can be applied to asthmatics as CBD can prevent muscle spasms in the airways which can stop

Cbd Helps With Muscle Spasms

If your asthmatic you may well struggle with mucus build up in the lungs. This mucus can often be thick and hard to clear, especially at night. Well, luckily CBD is a known expectorant, which means it helps clear the mucus and helps unblock the airways so the air can flow freely.

Can Cbd Oil Help Me?

If you suffer from asthma and experience any of these symptoms, then CBD oil is definitely an alternative treatment you should try. If want more information about CBD oil and its benefits; have a look through the other articles on our website.

At the Green Queen, we have all natural, fully organic CBD oil, handpicked and grown on Italian volcanic soil. Our CBD products come in the form of oil so all you need do is put some drops under your tongue and wait for this miracle compound to take effect.

CBD is legal in the UK, US and parts of Europe so you don't need to worry about any legal implications for trying our CBD products. Go over to our shop and order a bottle now and join the Green Queen today.

Be Healthy, Be Happy, Be Free, be the Green Queen!

Cannabidiol reduces airway inflammation and fibrosis in experimental allergic asthma


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  • Sydney on December 16, 2020

    Oh wow very interesting article, I did not know that CBD could have such a positive impact on people affected by asthma like myself.

    I feel better now :)

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