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Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.

From the 1900’s we have lovingly produced wine, oil and tomatoes for our Italian communities. All grown on volcanic land, and organically cultivated by over 3 generations is what makes this the best growing conditions in Italy.

Our quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment as well as the love and passion of our family, friends and colleagues.

From generations of uncles , aunts, and grandparents, handing down tradition ...... cultivation and the art of harvesting .

Handmade made in Italy

Now,  Our vision,  is to provide Italy’s finest grown medicinal hemp, carefully constructed in a cultured environment, grown with care and love.

We are mixing the new with the old and bringing to the market a beautiful product in the form of CBD oils.

Green Queen Boutique is a name people can trust

Be Healthy Be Happy Be Free… Be The Green Queen