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At The Green Queen, we believe in equal opportunity.

Because of this we are doing something different... 

We are giving YOU the chance to sell our CBD oil too!

We are giving the people an opportunity to GROW along side us and will allow the same opportunities given to big businesses to be available for the PUBLIC! 

Join an existing, successful and authentic Italian CBD business and start making money NOW!

Brightfield analysis forecasts that the CBD market is set to grow 478% by 2023! 

Brightfield said the CBD market in the UK was $76.2m (£57.7m) in 2018 and expected to grow to $440.8m by 2023!

What separates The Green Queen from the rest of the market is OUR GROWING CONDITIONS.

We are growing the hemp in the mountains of italy, On VOLCANIC SOIL. at our farm that has been in our family SINCE 1900. 

Our Aunts, Uncles, and Grandparents have ALL been producing grapes, olives, and tomatoes from this land for GENERATIONS.

We are now focused on GROWING THE BEST ORGANIC HEMP and bringing it to the people... with love from Italy...


To ensure the amount of cannabinoids we advertise exists in the products we sell, we get all batches tested in a 3rd party lab. When you buy from us, you can be confident


Don’t settle for CBD oil derived from farms that don’t uphold the organic standard. Our products are exclusively derived from organically grown hemp; we have been providing high quality food products for the local community for generations. And HEMP is no different!


We aren’t out to make a quick buck, but to develop long lasting relationships by providing customers with quality products and of course SERVICE. Our customers and affiliates can get in touch for help or more info!


Is a hemp extract that contains all the beneficial compounds that exist in the original plant. We believe that CBD should remain in the state that nature intended. That’s why we offer full spectrum CBD.


Our Full-spectrum CBD Oil promotes the entourage effect, which stimulates CBD to work together with other cannabinoids more effective than either alone.


We chose MCT oil, because the molecules are smaller than other types of oil so when you take our CBD, you will feel the results quickly and less is wasted in the process.

Below is a list of our prices for BULK PURCHASES, these are the same prices we give businesses so that they can PROFIT... Now, SO CAN YOU! 

Nothing special is required, just click on what you want and checkout with a BUSINESS DISCOUNT without being a BUSINESS OWNER!