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The Green Queen Boutique

10ml CHOCOMINT 10% 1000MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Flavour Chocomint

LAB TESTED Certificate of analysis

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A delicious blend of perfectly balanced finely ground cocoa shell and cooling spearmint mixed with 10% Organic Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Every drop is a mouth-melting experience. Simply place a few drops in your mouth and enjoy the effects.

About 10% CHOCOMINT 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil UK

Our CBD Oils are organically made to be potent and effective. Our Hemp plants are grown in Italy, where every ingredient used is natural and clean. Our family takes care of the entire process- from cultivating and trimming the plant to extracting the oil by hand.

All of our products are CBD based products that meet the EU standards- free of toxins or psychoactive chemicals. Our quality is the result of a carefully constructed cultural environment.

Get that instant boost your body needs with our handcrafted 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oils.
  • There are ~200 drops in a 10ml bottle.
  • A single drop of CBD oil equal approximately to 0.05ml in volume.
  • One drop of Our 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains ~5mg of CBD.
  • Good value for money 1mg of CBD cost ~£0.057

How to use 1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Finding the desired dosage of Full-spectrum Cbd Oil can take some time and it varies from person to person.

There is no such thing as an ideal dose that works for everyone and many factors, like your body chemistry, weight, height, gender needs to be considered.

If you are new to Full Spectrum CBD Oil, start slow Our Oils are very potent.

There’s no reason to swallow an entire dropper full your first go.

Start with 10-20mg ( 2 -4 drops) for the first couple of weeks and work your way up.

CBD takes time to build up in your system anyway, all your problems aren’t going to magically disappear after your first dose.

If you are feeling any irregularities, consult with your personal physician.


Cbd Oil Features:

  • 100% Naturally grown and non-GMO
  • Free of toxins, chemicals, and pesticides
  • 100% Vegan and Organic
  • Proudly made in Italy
  • Pure and Potent 1000MG
  • Comes with refreshing Chocomint Flavour
  • Uk Law Compliant

CBD OIL Specifications

  • Ingredients
    • MCT oil
    • Full Spectrum Hemp Paste
  • Content:10ml
  • Potency: 1000MG
  • Flavor: Chocomint


What is CBD?


Discovered in 1940 CBD, short for cannabidiol, It's a naturally occurring compound found in the flower of the cannabis plant.

CBD is one of 120+ cannabinoids naturally present in the cannabis plant, unlike well-known THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana, CBD is non-psychoactive and does not get you high.


Endocannabinoid System

CBD has an effect on us because we all possess an endocannabinoid system. This means that there are cannabis-like compounds in our bodies. The Endocannabinoid system is made up of endocannabinoids, endocannabinoid receptors, and enzymes.

Scientists believe that CBD and other cannabinoids have an effect on these receptors and the result is the mediation of mood, appetite, memory, inflammation, and the sleep-wake cycle. Read more


Is CBD Oil legal in UK 2020?

The legality of CBD Oil is not straightforward and there is a lot of confusion within the CBD industry.

Many companies believe that their products are legal as long as the THC content is below 0.2%. However, the 0.2% rule applies only to hemp cultivation, not to the products derived from raw material.

CBD is not a controlled substance in the UK and is legal to consume and sell CBD Oil products as long as contains less than 1mg of THC or CBN per container.

CBD product may not contain more than 1mg of THC regardless of container size. Example 30ml, 10ml bottle should contain less than 1mg of THC


What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil?

Full-spectrum CBD oil is the most natural form of CBD Oil a full-plant extract containing not just beneficial cannabinoids, but also terpenes, flavonoids, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins available in the hemp plant.

Full-spectrum CBD promotes the entourage effect, which stimulates CBD to work together with other cannabinoids more effective than either alone.

Our GMO-free Organic Full spectrum oils offer a higher quality experience, are more natural, free of pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

C02 extraction ensures our oils are less processed, rich in beneficial elements, cannabinoids such as CBD, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBC, CBL, and trace amounts of THC, THCA 100% compliant with Uk Law.


Other forms of CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD likewise Full-Spectrum Oil contains a similar range of cannabinoids and naturally occurring substances in the cannabis plant but lacks THC.

Broad spectrum cbd oil

There are multiple ways of removing THC from the Oil, however, all of them come at a cost and may result in ~15% cannabinoid loss and environmental impact.

Common THC remediation methods

  • Flash & HPLC Chromatography
  • Degradation
  • Crystallization
  • Harmonic evaporation


CBD Isolate

Unlike Full-spectrum or Broad-spectrum Oil is stripped down from cannabinoids and compounds other than CBD and it comes in form of white powder.

CBD Isolate


1000mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil UK 

Checking a CBD product 3rd party lab tests is important because many online retailers don’t deliver on their advertised CBD content. Many companies have little or no CBD in their products and prey on the first-time user. Don’t be a victim, check the potency tests before making a purchase. If the company doesn’t have the tests available, they most likely have something to hide.

We are 100% transparent and always provide the certificate validating content and potency of Our Full Spectrum Cbd Oils.

10ml CHOCOMINT 10% 1000MG Full Spectrum CBD Oil